Sunday, October 8, 2017

Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino Poster Collection Exhibit

Produced by the Bread and Roses Cultural Project. New York, 1996., Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino (preview Video) tells the story of Latina women in the U.S. through portraits of twelve unusual women who have broken new ground in their lives and achievements. Describing their hopes, their dreams, and the paths they took which shaped their lives, the twelve women share their stories in the context of their families, their common histories, and their careers. The program includes a wealth of historical archival footage, and features a soundtrack of diverse and important Latin music from the 1940s through 1990s.

The poster collection exhibits these twelve ground-breaking Latina women: 1. Adriana Ocampo (Colombian-Argentinian, Planetary, Geologist), 2. Antonia Hernández (Chicana Civil Rights Lawyer), 3. Ana Sol Gutierres (Salvadorian Engineer), 4. Miriam Colón (Puertorican, Actress and Director), 5. Dolores Huerta (Chicana Labor Organizer), 6. Julia Alvarez (Dominican Novelist and Poet), 7. Helen Rodriguez-Trias (Puerto Rican Physician), 8. Sandra Cisneros (Chicana Novelist), 9. Amalia Mesa-Bains (Chicana Artist, Critic and Activist), 10. Antonia Pantoja (Puerto Rican Educator and Founder of ASPIRA), 11. Tania León (Cuban Composer and Conductor), 12. Nydia Velázquez (Puerto Rican U.S. Congresswoman).

For more information, please call 413-420-8101

Parking available along the street in front of the new entrance to the library and in generous lots adjacent to and immediately across the street from the library.

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