Friday, October 6, 2017

Michael Siciliano Endorses Jay Ferreira for Mayor

I am pleased to announce that I am formally endorsing Jay Ferreira for Mayor of Holyoke. Over the past several months our paths have crossed often on the campaign trail. Even though we were competing for the same position, he has always been kind and courteous to me and all my campaign staff.

Jay doesn’t gain my endorsement because he’s a nice guy. Jay gains my endorsement because he has been the strongest advocate for the public safety of our citizens, pushing back hard against the mayor’s plan to permanently take out of service Fire Engine #2. He is a strong proponent of local control of our public school system, which stands in sharp contrast to our mayor, who not only helped usher in state control of our schools, but had nothing but praise for it at the only scheduled preliminary debate on September 20.

Jay understands that new economic growth is the key to lowering both residential and commercial tax bills which have risen every year under the current administration. Holyoke has lagged far behind comparable communities in new growth, ranking last among Gateway Cities in four of the last five years. As much as I wanted to believe that current Mayor Alex Mores has delivered economic growth to our city the facts just don’t show that to be true. Holyoke is falling even further behind economically and our best opportunity to make positive change is now.

Jay Ferreira is a person of high moral character who will admit mistakes and take responsibility when the need arises. We can trust that Jay will be honest with us about all aspects of city government. Sadly, the current administration has repeatedly placed blame on others when facing any criticism. A true leader doesn’t blame others for negative outcomes that occur during their administration.

Holyoke has become a divided city during the administration Alex Morse. He has created this divide with a corporate style approach that our city does not need. Jay Ferreira is a person who will listen to opposing arguments and find common ground to move our city forward for the betterment of all citizens.

My experience as a candidate to become mayor of Holyoke has reaffirmed my love for our city. If you feel the same way, please join me in voting for Jay Ferreira for Holyoke Mayor on November 7th, 2017.


Michael Thomas Siciliano

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