Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mayor Alex Morse Announces Demolition Has Begun on Major Blighted Property

Today, Mayor Alex Morse announced that demolition has started at 278 Pine Street. The 24,500 square foot structure was built in 1935 and contained 21 apartment units. Standing vacant for years, it was identified as one of the most blighted and unsafe structures in Holyoke by the Problem Property Group.

“While it is unfortunate we have to demolish a building, we cannot allow these blighted buildings to remain and to continue to have a negative impact of the quality of life in our neighborhoods.” said Mayor Morse.

Previously owned by Hampshire Pine Street Trust, the property was foreclosed on by the City in March of 2016 for failure to pay back taxes. With little to no economic development value and a major risk to public safety, city officials decided to demolish the property once funding was secured.

The $253,200.00 bid was awarded to Associated Building Wreckers of Springfield. They estimate it will take 2 weeks to fully demolish and clean the site. Community Development Block Grant Funds were used to fund the project.

“I’d like to thank the Problem Property Group for their work on seeing this project through. Eliminating blight continues to be a top priority of my administration, and the hard work of the many departments that comprise this group is a major step in providing our residents with a vibrant, safe City.” Mayor Morse added.

The City plans on developing green space and some additional parking that can be used by the nearby Senior Center and Wistariahurst Museum.

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