Friday, March 17, 2017

Casting Call

The Western MA branch of the Transformative Culture Project, based out of Holyoke and the surrounding areas, is creating a funny and educational video about reducing exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA), a substance that is used to coat thermal paper cash register receipts and can interfere with natural hormones. TCProject’s Teaching Artists will team with 4 Youth Producers to write, produce, film, and edit this short 2-minute film. Seeking more than 20,000 views, the project will educate a wide audience about the dangers of BPA and how to reduce exposure.

In the film, the main character - a woman shopping in a grocery store - gets increasingly concerned about BPA exposure as her surroundings start interacting with her. The woman learns that BPA is a hormone disruptor, and unlike BPA in hard plastics, the BPA in receipts literally rubs off onto one's skin. Counter-intuitively, using hand sanitizer and lotions actually increases the rate of absorption into the skin. The video features many ways that some consumers inadvertently expose themselves to higher levels of BPA: by using receipts to blot their makeup, or their pizza; by using them for origami or straws; or even using receipts as rolling paper.

The video will encourage viewers to ask their local stores to offer digital receipts by email in lieu of paper receipts, thereby reducing exposure to BPA at the source. The EPA states that even thermal receipt paper marketed as BPA-free still contains toxicants and the only truly safe alternative is using e-receipts.

The Transformative Culture Project (previously named Press Pass TV prior to 1/1/17) uses media arts and cultural programs as tools to transform lives and communities. TCP educates, employs and engages youth and adults to create a more equitable future. Questions can be addressed to the Western MA Program Director, Ali Pinschmidt at 413-320-0323.

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