Friday, November 11, 2016

A Message from State Representative Aaron Vega

Thank you to the voters of Holyoke for allowing me to represent you for a 3rd term. I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of ALL the residents of our great city. Despite not having a challenger this election I am grateful for the continued support I have received and getting 98.5% support (13,636 votes) is very humbling. And to those who chose to leave it blank or write someone else in: first, thank you for voting and, more importantly, I hope that we can work together in a positive and respectful way that honors our differences and acknowledges our agreements.

That idea of working together despite our differences could not be more needed today. We have suspected and we have now seen how divided our country can be. Many of us in Holyoke (and in Massachusetts) were on the losing end of the presidential election, which is never easy but we move on and we get back to work. We get back to working even harder on the issues that are important to us: education, child welfare, jobs, support for our seniors, health care, housing, transportation and civil rights.

We in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not back down. Instead we need to double down - double down for our future and for the work we have already done. If the new administration tries to dismantle the Affordable Care Act we are not going backwards here in the Commonwealth allowing people to go uninsured. We are not going to back down from the civil rights we have established for our LGBT community. We are not going to back down on equal pay for equal work for women. We are not going to back down from investing in clean renewable energy, which is critical to our children's future. We are going to double down on investing in education from pre-K to higher ed and we are going to continue investing in tech schools and economic opportunities for all people, and we are going ensure heath access for all.

I am committed - in fact I am emboldened - to keep Western Massachusetts and the Commonwealth a leader in all these policies and more.

Some of us may be disheartened by the Presidential election, to see how divided our country is and to see our next president act like a bully, using bigoted and sexist language and scare tactics to win an election. But I am hopeful for two important reasons. We have strong traditions of fairness and decency in this nation and I believe our next President can see his way to respecting these traditions. And I know the people of Holyoke, and many across this great Commonwealth, that are committed to doubling down on our future, a better future for all men and women. A future where young women are leaders and young men respect them. A future where persons with disabilities are able to participate fully in their work and their community. A future where children and families are supported. A future where I want to raise my child and help you raise yours.

Thank you again for your support, for being a part of Team Vega and for not giving up when things are challenging but rather for doubling down and making sure we in Massachusetts continue to lead.


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