Tuesday, September 13, 2016

HOPE Card for the Homeless

Providence Ministries Service Network (PMSN), a Holyoke organization serving the community since 1980, seeks your help. We ask that you share a lifeline this fall. As you see someone in need on our city streets, share the PMSN “HOPE CARD”. Our “HOPE CARD” is a panhandler’s ticket to steady and reliable resources – a warm place for food and shelter and tangible benefits of job training and clothing. Providence Ministries is a network of communal support and, as the colder weather approaches, a life beyond the streets.

Kate’s Kitchen, our community kitchen located at 51 Hamilton Street in South Holyoke, annually feeds over 61,000 economically disadvantaged individuals, while Margaret’s Pantry provides food for over 5,800 clients. In addition, Providence Ministries houses 75 male residents through their sober transitional and SRO housing programs, while also offering social service and job training support to many.

HOPE CARDS can be found at the following locations throughout the local area: Holyoke Council on Aging, Slainte Restaurant, Ross Insurance, Highland Hardware, and the Cottage. We welcome additional sites for distribution of the card.

Through a small act of kindness that takes just a moment, you can reshape a person’s future. Furthermore, come visit our Ministries and observe - first-hand - how hope has been nourished and lives have been rebuilt. For more information about Providence Ministries Service Network, please email pmn3@comcast.net or call 413-536-9109.  

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