Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Paper City Strength & Conditioning

Around the Mills is pleased to welcome Paper City Strength & Conditioning as our newest Holyoke Business Listing! We remind you to always support local businesses!

Paper City Strength & Conditioning is a fitness studio that offers personal training, group fitness classes, and endurance coaching & planning. Whether your goal is a better performance in your sport, a better finish in a race, or just trying to keep up with the errands of everyday life.

Paper City Strength & Conditioning is a fitness studio that was created with one goal in mind- getting people healthy & getting bodies moving more efficiently. They understand that our lives have high amounts of both physical & mental stress with little time to unwind or decompress. From sitting at the office to working at the construction site, we tend to put our own health & fitness on the back burner to meet the needs of the daily grind. 

Over time this leads to poor nutrition, poor sleep, and poor body mechanics which will eventually catch up and sideline us from life. With the little time you have available, it needs to be spent wisely so we can get the most out of your time in the gym, the time on your mat, or time on the trails. Paper City Strength & Fitness strives to help each individual by addressing the specific demands of their daily life so that they can be healthier and more productive.

Paper City Strength & Conditioning offers a variety of workout options ranging from beginners to full-fledged athletes and does so in individual sessions or group fitness sessions. Paper City Strength & Conditioning has the ability to tailor a workout routine that is perfect for you and doesn't take the one-size fits all approach.

Owned and operated by Holyoke native Tom Reynolds, Paper City Strength & Conditioning is located at 208 Race Street in Downtown Holyoke in the STEAM Building.

For more information about Paper City Strength & Conditioning, check out their website by clicking here. Be sure to also "Like" them on Facebook by clicking here.

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