Friday, May 20, 2016

Mayor of Holyoke Announces Over $1.124 Million in Community Development Funding

Mayor Alex B. Morse is pleased to announce that he has finalized his FY2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awards and will be submitting the City of Holyoke's 2016 Annual Plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) next week. The City of Holyoke has been awarded $1,124,880 in Community Development Block Grant funds from HUD.

This year, the Mayor allocated $763,672 towards neighborhood and community improvements. CDBG funding of $131,753 will support two full time positions devoted exclusively to Code Enforcement efforts in targeted neighborhoods to effectively reduce blight, improve housing conditions and support homeowners and businesses. The City will utilize CDBG funds to complete the environmental remediation of the former National Guard Firing Range on Mountain Road and also to provide a playground for the young residents of Beaudoin Village. The City of Holyoke will partner with Revitalize CDC to bring its GreenNFit Program to the City for the first time. The GreenNFit Program will improve up to ten homes on one block in a one day rehab event. This year, the Mayor has allocated $60,000 to rehabilitate Soucy Park, over $89,000 to renovate the sidewalks of the City, and and $200,00 for the Center City Pedestrian Pavilion.

Continuing his support of the creative economy, Mayor Morse has allocated $24,059 to the installation of art in public places. Other large allocations of funding are going towards Olde Holyoke Development Corp. which will receive $30,000 towards its Neighborhood Improvement Program. Mayor Morse states "I look forward to continuing the City's partnerships with funded agencies and to making CDBG investments that improve the lives of our residents and community. I urge residents and businesses to contact the Office for Community Development for referrals to funded programs including grants for homeowner improvements, fa├žade improvement grants for businesses, homebuyer assistance, job training programs and other basic services."

Mayor Morse states " I have provided significant CDBG funding to activities intended to improve the quality of life for residents including scholarships for culinary job training, rehab of Soucy Park, improved sidewalks, and the completion of the Center City Pedestrian Pavilion."

Mayor Morse has allocated $164,800 to nineteen Public Service activities to support agencies providing educational, job training, youth and quality of life services.These funds will be received by the Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc., Center City Boxing, Greater Holyoke YMCA, Homework House, Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Westmass Eldercare, the Care Center, Chamber Centennial Foundation, Community Education Project, Enlace de La Familia, the City of Holyoke Police Department, Holyoke Housing Authority, Womanshelter Companeras, Providence Ministries, and HAP Housing.

Mayor Morse states, “The most important thing we can do is provide the basic necessities every human being needs. That means food and shelter as well as safety for the citizens of Holyoke in order for them to feel they are living in a community that can be supportive in as many ways as possible.”

For more information on the Community Development Block Grant Program, please contact the City of Holyoke Office for Community Development at 413-322-5610.

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