Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Valley Talent Showcase and Northfire Recording Studio Reach Agreement

Valley Talent Showcase, a monthly talent show held at Gateway City Arts, announced today that Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, MA has agreed to become a major new sponsor. As part of the arrangement, Northfire will be providing the overall Showcase winner with two full 10 hr days in their studio working with one of their world-class recording engineers to create a professional CD. The Talent Showcase competitions, held the first Friday of each month, utilize celebrity judges to help choose first and second place winners. The winners of each month’s contest are entered in a “Super-Playoff” held on September 9 where the year’s overall winner is chosen.

The overall winner will receive:

· the 2 two free recording days at Northfire Recording Studio

· a $500 cash prize provided by the Eastern States Exposition (another major Valley Talent Showcase sponsor)

· a headline gig at this year’s BIG E on Saturday September 24 (traditionally the day of the largest attendance of the fair—over 160,000)

Jay Metcalf, owner / Director of Operations at Northfire Studios, said “We want to provide the opportunity for talented new performers to actually produce a real product. That’s why we suggested providing them with two days in the studio.” And it’s hard not to hear the excitement in Valley Talent Showcase producer Mark Sherry’s voice when he says “ We’re thrilled to have Northfire Studios as a partner in helping us to give a real boost to the careers of exciting up-and coming local musicians.”

The Valley Talent Showcase started in 2015 and has had five monthly events to date. Celebrity judges have included elected officials (several Mayors, State Representatives and Senators), well-known musicians, DJs, etc,) Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg will be a judge at one of the upcoming Talent Showcases.

The next Showcase will be on Friday May 6 8:00 pm at Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St, Holyoke, MA. There is a suggested donation of $5-10 at the door. Potential contestants can send an email with their name, address, email, photo/video or audio sample (or web link) of the suggested performance to marksherry@gatewaycityarts.com or call (413) 374-7671.

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