Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mayor Morse, Dr. Zrike, and Holyoke School Department Participate in College Signing Day

On Tuesday, April 26th, Mayor Alex Morse, Receiver Dr. Zrike, and the Holyoke Public School Department are participating in a White House initiative called Reach Higher. This initiative aims to encourage and inspire high school students to go to college, and this year, the city of Holyoke will do its part by taking part in College Signing Day.

College Signing Day is a chance for students to celebrate their commitment to higher education and for educators, community members, and organizations to show support for their local students. Reach Higher focuses on four major components: college affordability, exposing students to college, academic and summer planning, and supporting school counselors. First Lady Michelle Obama will also be hosting a College Signing Day rally on the same day to kick-off the nationwide celebrations.

Mayor Morse, Dr. Zrike, and the school department encourage all students, teachers, staff, and city employees to show their support by wearing a t-shirt or item that represents their Alma mater or a college of their choice. Students will be able to share their stories and progress as they continue their journeys at and use the hashtag #BetterMakeRoom.

An alum of Brown University and a former student of the Holyoke Public Schools, Mayor Morse looks forward to the opportunity to show support for higher education. “With more and more kids across the country going to college to compete in the job market, I want the students in Holyoke to aspire to apply to any college they wish, whether that be a state university, a community college, or an ivy league school. Above all, it is vital for our children to know their city supports them and pushes them to reach their full potential.”

Holyoke Public Schools Receiver Dr. Stephen Zrike states, "We are committed to ensuring that all Holyoke students have the option to attend a college that aligns with their career pursuits. We are thrilled to be part of an event that celebrates the success of so many of our students that are on the path to higher education."

Here is a short video with a few words from the First Lady herself on the Reach Higher Initiative:

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