Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holyoke: City with the Highest Recycling Rates

The City of Holyoke recycled more volume and received the highest payment for delivering recycled materials to the Springfield Materials Recycling Facility for the period of July 2015 through December 2015. Holyoke received $9,487.80 for delivering 948 tons of recyclable materials, topping sixty six other communities receiving payments for the same period. Holyoke edged out the Town of Longmeadow with $9,322 and South Hadley with $8,041.

Payments are made in accordance with a contact communities have with Waste Management Recycle America and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to use the Material Recycling Facility. Holyoke has consistently maintained one of the highest recycling rates in the area over the last few years due to broad community support for the program coupled with a persistent enforcement effort to ensure everyone is in compliance with the recycling requirements. Holyoke is one of the only communities in the area that vigorously enforces recycling compliance. In addition to the $9,487 Holyoke received in revenue, the combination of community participation and enforcement also saves the city over $71,000 in disposal costs if this material was disposed of as solid waste.

Mayor Alex Morse is proud to be a part of a community where recycling is such a high priority to the citizens. “Our city cares deeply about the environment, and I think this is such a great example of it. I hope that we continue this trend and improve every year in order to make sure we are doing as much as we possibly can to go green”.

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