Friday, January 1, 2016

Holyoke Police - Warning Regarding Recent Heroin Overdoses

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse and Police Chief James Neiswanger are urging the public to be aware of a continuing public health and safety issue as several over dose cases involving Heroin have occurred in the past several days. These incidents involve subjects who had ingested Heroin and became unconscious. One was “delivered to the door of the Providence Hospital” then transferred to the Holyoke Hospital. He has since survived. Several were found in various locations in Holyoke after taking the Heroin. One was transported to the Holyoke Hospital and survived.

The community of drug users, specifically Heroin users, should be aware that several of these incidents are related to Heroin bags marked “Hollywood”. There are other types involved but they have not yet been identified as there is no stamp on the bags. Narcan (naloxone hydrochloride) is being used when first responders arrive immediately, but safety officials are not always advised or made aware of the over dose in a timely manner. Many victims are located long after they are in peril as they often use Heroin in remote locations or shielded from view and are often alone, leaving no one to call for assistance.

There have been two fatal over doses in the past 24 hours and a third death is being investigated to determine if it is over dose related.

The Holyoke Police, in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni’s Office, are investigating these incidents. The Detectives are working diligently to locate and identify the source of these bags and those who are selling them.

If anyone should have any information regarding these cases please contact the Holyoke Detectives at # 413-322-6940.

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