Monday, December 7, 2015

Massachusetts Police Association Recognizes Holyoke K-9 Officer Ryan Tabb and K-9 Jori

The Massachusetts Police Association (MPA) recently honored Holyoke Police Officer Ryan Tabb and his partner, Police K-9 “Jori”, for their actions on the night of July 14, 2015. The award, to both Officer Ryan Tabb and K-9 Jori, were conferred on 10/29/2015 during the MPA’s Annual Convention in the presence of his family and 600 MPA Delegates and fellow Police Officers who gave the K-9 team a standing ovation. Officer Tabb extended his gratitude to the Officers and Detectives who responded to that call and joined him in this apprehension and the assistance they offered to he and Jori that night.

The Massachusetts Police Association’s Medal of Merit
Holyoke Police Officer Ryan Tabb and his partner, Police K-9 “Jori”.
Date of Incident was July 14, 2015 (2225 hours)

On the night of July 14th, 2015 Holyoke Police Officer Ryan Tabb and his K-9 partner “Jori” were just coming on duty for the midnight shift in the City of Holyoke and heard a dispatch call for an armed robbery. Officer Tabb responded immediately from his residence which is a distance away. While responding to the area Officer Tabb listened to the radio traffic of the responding officers who called out with descriptions of two suspects and at least one was armed with a knife. He also heard an officer state he had two subjects in sight but they were continuing to flee, both on bicycles.

Upon arriving in the area of Bristol Place and Commercial Street - Officer Tabb observed one of the suspects and began to yell commands at the suspect as he drove near the suspect who was still riding his bike. The suspect ignored all of Officer Tabb’s commands.

Officer Tabb exited his cruiser and opened the door for his K-9 partner, Jori, and began to pursue the suspect on foot. Officer Tabb was alone at this point with other units closing to assist. Officer Tabb called to his partner, Jori, who joined Officer Tabb, running beside him. Officer Tabb ensured no one else was close to the suspect – and then deployed K-9 Jori on an apprehension and Jori closed on the suspect with Officer Tabb close behind.

Officer Tabb observed the suspect look back at Jori as Jori approached him and saw the suspect raise his right fist and swing at Jori. Officer Tabb heard Jori make a “yelping sound” and continued to apprehend the suspect who remained on his feet and attempting to flee while continuing to swing and strike Jori several times more. The suspect was continuing to wildly swinging his right hand attempting to stab Jori multiple times but Jori was able to apprehend the suspect by engaging the suspect’s right calf. Officer Tabb observed the suspect attempt to stab Jori again and as the suspect drew the knife again above his head Officer Tabb dove at him and held both arms down as other officers arrived to assist and place the subject in custody.

Officer Tabb inspected Jori closely as he noted blood on his hands and located an open stab wound between Jori’s shoulders. Officer Tabb and several other units immediately rushed his partner to the Boston Road Animal Hospital miles away in Springfield where Jori was treated for his stab wounds.

This suspect was taken into custody by officers and he received medical assistance for various non-life threatening wounds, effectively ending the threat.

The second suspect was ultimately located by Chicopee Police and also charged for the Armed Robbery.

Officer Tabb and his partner “Jori” used their training and experience, displaying great courage while responding to this incident. Their partnership and professionalism helped to control a very volatile incident and brought a violent suspect into custody. Officer Tabb and K-9 Jori’s actions were above and beyond the call of duty and bring great credit to themselves, their department and their profession. They used less than lethal force to end a situation that could have been deadly.

It is with great pleasure that the Massachusetts Police Association presents Holyoke Police Officer Ryan Tabb and K-9 “Jori” with its Medal of Merit.

NOTE: Officer Tabb reports “Jori” has recovered from his wounds and is doing fine – having returned to duty and is back on patrol.

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