Friday, August 28, 2015

Holyoke Detective Jennifer Sattler Receives International Award for Excellence in Performance

From Holyoke Police Chief James Neiswanger:

“Last year, Detective Jennifer Sattler was recognized by the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement (MAWLE) for the 2014 Excellence in Performance Award.  Captain Denise Duguay nominated Detective Sattler for this award. 

I am extremely proud to announce that since that time, MAWLE forwarded this nomination of Det. Jennifer Sattler on to the International Association of Women Police, who accepted it and bestowed upon Detective Sattler their own Excellence in Performance award.  This is a very prestigious award and it is an incredible honor.  This Excellence in Performance Award is presented to an officer who distinguishes herself through superior attention to duty or outstanding investigative effort, which leads to the identification, location or arrest of a major criminal or criminal activity. There are numerous examples of assorted violent and/or other serious felony cases solved by Detective Sattler, each of which resulted in significant and substantial prison sentences.

These cases involved her great work on homicides, bank robberies, home invasions and sexual assaults.  Det. Sattler was presented with this
international award in Cardiff, Wales, on August 23, 2015.   

I wish to formally commend Detective Sattler's positive work ethic and her fierce determination to solve and arrest violent dangerous felons.

It is quite an honor to have her receive this international recognition”.

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