Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Holyoke High Audio/Video Production Instructor Position to be Restored, Media Elective to Remain Available to Students

Mayor Morse is happy to announce that the position of Audio/Video Production Instructor at Holyoke High School, which was formerly cut, has been restored. Mayor Morse and the School Committee made keeping this position in place an important priority, and the mayor worked with Dr. Zrike to identify funds within the Holyoke Public Schools budget. This also means that the media elective available to Holyoke High students will continue to exist.
"Restoring this position and keeping the media elective open was a top priority of mine, because I understand the importance of giving our students options, and encouraging their creativity," Mayor Morse said. "I applaud the School Committee for its advocacy on this issue, and thank Dr. Zrike for allocating the necessary resources to give this important elective open to our kids."

Mayor Morse has also agreed to provide more funds from the Comcast fund to Holyoke High School to support the restoration of the position and to provide funds to hire interns and support more media programming. More funds are available to the City due to the new contract negotiated with Comcast.

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