Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cyclonic- Readings from The Queen of Vaudeville:The Story of Eva Tanguay

On April 18 that 7:30 p.m., join us for an unforgettable evening of a unique musical experience titled Cyclonic. Cyclonic is a dramatized stage rendering of four scenes from the book The Queen of Vaudeville: the Story of Eva Tanguay, told with music and pictures.

Author Andrew Erdman came up with the idea of turning an ordinary book signing into a something livelier – a musical show. Acclaimed songwriter and musician, Mary Lorson, has a family connection to Eva Tanguay’s entourage, and has written songs inspired by Eva, as well as interpreted a number of the tunes that helped Tanguay to become the “cyclonic comedienne” of the vaudeville stage. Cyclonic not only gives a taste of the book Queen of Vaudeville and a sample of Mary Lorson’s performing talents, but also revives the spirit of Eva Tanguay, the mighty queen of vaudeville—if only for an evening.

Holyoke’s own, Eva Tanguay (1878-1947), was the biggest star of the vaudeville stage, a variety-format entertainment that was hugely popular in the years 1880-1920. Of French-Canadian heritage, her family moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts. Here, amid thousands of immigrants, Eva became a child performer. By 1900 gained notice for her quick timing and boisterous energy. She entered vaudeville as a featured star, partly on the success of her hit song “I Don’t Care.” Eva took vaudeville by storm and was soon the highest-paid performer in vaudeville. Eva continued to break box office records and draw legions of adoring fans, even though her hair-trigger temper, iconoclasm, and perfectionism often earned her the rancor of managers, censors, and peers.

For more information about the book Queen Of Vaudeville, please visit This event is sponsored by MIFA, Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts.

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Tickets are $20 general / $15 members

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