Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Holyoke Police Honor Police Retirees in Parade

On Sunday, March 22nd during the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the men and women of The Holyoke Police Department invite all of the public enjoying the parade to extend a warm salute to the Retired Holyoke Police Officers who will be joining us for this year’s parade.

This year will mark the retirees’ inaugural participation in the “Line of March” along with the traditional units within our department. Thanks to the private donations and generosity of “Francies Tavern”, which will sponsor a “Peter Pan” open top bus, the retirees will be visible on the bus in their new jackets which were also provided through private donations.

This effort has been coordinated by Holyoke Police Captain Dave Pratt, Detective Jared Hamel, Retired Sergeant John Lenihan and Retired Detective Donald Welch, who wanted to honor and include the retirees within the day’s events. 

The bus will stop in front of the reviewing stand at City Hall on High Street where the City will salute the Officers prior to arriving at the end of the parade.

In addition to the jackets and bus ride the retirees will join us for a celebration after the parade.

The attached photograph shows Holyoke Officer Kevin Whalen presenting 97 year old Edward Wrobleski with his jacket. Retired Officer Wrobleski reports he retired from the department in 1970 and among the highlights of his police career was an assignment to protect then Senator John F. Kennedy in 1958 who was being honored by the Parade Committee that year.

Please show your appreciation for these Retired Police Officers as they pass along the parade route on Sunday. We are very proud of them and we thank them for their many years of honorable service.

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