Saturday, November 1, 2014

Art of Clean Water Presentation at the Library

Holyoke Public Library is the place and Saturday, November 8th is the date, from 10 to 11:30 AM for an exciting celebration of “The Art of Clean Water” as a unique family event presented by Holyoke’s own Enchanted Circle Theatre.

Activities for that day represent the culmination of weeks of planning and preparation by the staff of the Enchanted Circle Theatre and dozens of other volunteers and actively involved participants. Highlights of the day include Student Performances, opportunities to Create Trash Art and Poetry, Visits to the Watershed on Wheels Express and Explorations of the Holyoke Water System via a special model. Among other special features will be the unveiling of Storm Drain Art, created by Holyoke students Serenity & Diamond as interpreted by Gabriela Micchia, ECT, Teaching Artist, plus the chance to Investigate Microscopic Critters.

In addition to Enchanted Circle Theatre and Holyoke Public Library, other major sponsors and contributors include Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Connecticut River Watershed Council, River of Words, United Water, Holyoke Department of Public Works, Holyoke Office of Economic Development, Massachusetts Cultural Council, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, Sherwin Williams Holyoke store, Holyoke Public Schools and the Office of Holyoke Mayor Alex B. Morse.

This is a very special city-wide program that has been in preparation for several weeks and represents the involvement of hundreds of young people who have dedicated their time and effort toward building awareness of the importance and value of water to everyone who lives or works in the local community. Visitors will be amazed at what these young people have discovered and how their research impacts the lives of every citizen of the City of Holyoke. For answers to questions or additional information, please call the Enchanted Circle Theatre at 413-534-3789.

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