Friday, September 26, 2014

“Home Movie Day” Coming to Holyoke Library

Saturday, October 18th is the day and Holyoke Public Library is the place where you can bring your home movies to share with others and sit back and relax as you enjoy the home-grown productions created by some of your neighbors in our state of the art community screening room.

What is “Home Movie Day? It is a celebration of amateur films and film making held annually at libraries, community centers and theaters worldwide. Home Movie Day activities provide an opportunity for individuals and families to see and share home movies with an audience from their community. It is also an opportunity to discover why people care about these films and learn how best to care for and preserve them.

Home Movie Day is open to everyone. There are no entry fees or other charges. To participate, movies must be in one of the following formats: VHS, 16mm, 8mm, or Super 8mm. Drop off time for the movies you wish to share and show is from ll:00 AM to 12:45PM on October 18th. A screening of portions of all the films will follow at 1:00 PM. Coordinators for the event are Eileen Crosby, Holyoke Library Archivist, ( and Jeremy Smith, Library Board member (

Home Movie Day was started in 2002 by a group of archivists concerned about preserving an important aspect of 20th century culture that was in danger of being lost due to age and changing technology. These archivists were aware of the treasure trove of amateur films, many of which may never have been seen due to lack of a projector, or out of concern for the film’s condition. They also recognized that many people were transferring their films to videotape or DVDs, under the mistaken assumption that this would preserve them for a longer period. Film stock actually has a longer lifespan, when properly stored, than videotape or disc-based media.

Watching home movies can be a fascinating opportunity to relive treasured family memories, witness changing landscapes, and see unique perspectives on historic moments. Local events are covered in many different ways. Weddings, graduations, reunions, major events such as floods and fires, parades, high school football games – the list is endless, and each film is important. Because these films focus on local people and events they touch on community history in a very special way.

For more information or questions about including your films in the October 18th showing at Holyoke Public Library, please contact Library Archivist Eileen Crosby at 413-420-8107.

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