Thursday, September 4, 2014

Holyoke Library Plans Exciting New Youth Activity Events

“It’s Not About the Hike” is the title of a special program to be presented by Holyoke Public Library on Tuesday, October 14, at 6:30 PM, but the hike and the related climbing experiences are only part of the message to be offered by two 50-plus women who set a goal of climbing the 100 highest mountain peaks in New England and achieved that and much more.
Operating with the concept that we all have our own mountains to climb, the pair of author/climbers, Nancy Sporborg and Pat Piper, pointed out that everyone faces their own challenges, or mountains, that need to be faced and conquered. Your mountain may be a 4,000-footer in the White Mountains. But it could also be going to college, getting a job, bringing up children, caring for aging parents or dealing with an illness. Maybe your mountain is reorganizing a business, tackling a difficult project, losing weight or starting an exercise program. It's your own personal mountain and it is hard, but you can do it!
“It's Not About the Hike” is an hour long program that will bring you into your heart, lift your spirits, and inspire you to climb that next mountain in your life. It is not a presentation of "look at these two women...see what they did." It is an opportunity to "look inside can do it too."  It will bring you into your heart, lift your spirits, and inspire you to climb that next mountain in your life.
This program highlights the journey of two non-hikers who decided to climb the 100 highest mountains in New England. Nancy and Pat are two ordinary women who went on an extraordinary journey over the mountain summits and into their hearts. This is the story of what they found inside themselves as they hiked over 1,600 miles to the tops of over 244 mountains through all four seasons.
This presentation is for everyone – hikers, non-hikers, people who are sedentary or active, outdoor enthusiasts, indoor homebodies,10-year olds and 90-year olds and everyone in between. The presentation is NOT about the hike; it is an inspirational and motivational program about pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, overcoming our fears, finding our passions and living our lives to the fullest.
This is a multi-media presentation including movies, music and photographs. It is humorous and touching, as the speakers share events about their personal lives in a way that makes the message and learning universal.
The book, “It’s Not About the Hike,” will be offered for sale after the presentation. The book contains 360 pages, over 245 color pictures, and 60 inspirational hike reports. If you enjoy the presentation, you will enjoy the book even more.

The Holyoke Public Library presentation of “It’s Not About the Hike” is open to the public free of charge, however, advance reservations are strongly encouraged, and can be made by visiting the library, or calling 413-420-8101.

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